17 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

"Cte319" and "blogs"

This kind of web sites can be used for mass communication and mass education. I dont think that I will use these kinds of sites in my teaching. These kind of activities are apt for those students who are studying on Computer and internet.

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  1. Are there any aspects of blogs that would allow you to help students learn English in ways that are not possible in the classroom? Remember, a blog is a simple web page that allows teachers to give links, embed media, and also allow students to respond by adding comments.

    You seem to suggest that there are two types of students...those who use technology and those who don't. On what evidence do you make such a claim? How many of your students do you think won't be able to study on their own at home? How many do you think will have a Facebook account, i.e., have ample opportunity to access the Internet?

    Also, remember...the CTE319 and BLOGS should be labels to this blog post, not in the title.